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Ever wonder what happened to your former crewmates? Post your LEX service information here and get in touch with old friends or make new friends. If your browser supports hyperlinks, just click on an email address to send an e-mail. Please make sure to let us know if your e-mail address changes and include your service dates on the ship!

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Wood, Robert


Service Dates: 1981-1985

Wood, Robert N.


Service Dates: Nov 1981 - Jul 1985

Rank/Duty Assigned: BM3, 3rd Div & 1st Div, Deck Department

Woodard, Paul

Service Dates: 1958-1959

Rank/Duty Assigned: ADJ-3/ Flight Deck, Trouble Shooter

Woods, David Lee “Woody or Little Max”

Service Dates: 1959

Rank/Duty Assigned: Newspaper and DJ

Woods, Jerry R.


Service Dates: 1960 - 1962

Rank/Duty Assigned: ADJ3, V-4 Div

Woods, Joseph


Service Dates: 1971-1974

Rank/Duty Assigned: Ltd Chief Warrant/Ships Sec

Woods, Nancy Jo


Service Dates: 1983-1987

Rank/Duty Assigned: AG1 / OA-Division / Weather Forecaster

Woods, Peter (Riley)


Service Dates: 1954-1958

Rank/Duty Assigned: MM3, A-Div./Plank Owner

Woods, Richard E.

Service Dates: Aug 1964 - Aug 1966

Rank/Duty Assigned: E3 Airman 3

Woods, Robert


Service Dates: 1981 - 1984

Rank/Duty Assigned: ABF-3, V-4

Woods, William P. “Redwood”


Service Dates: 1960 - 1964

Rank/Duty Assigned: ABF3 V4 Division

Woodson, Gary


Service Dates: June 1983 - Dec 1984

Rank/Duty Assigned: E-5 ET/OE DIV

Woody, Archie

Service Dates: 1955-1959

Rank/Duty Assigned: AB-3/ V2-piv

Woody, Ernest


Service Dates: Mar 1955 - Nov 1957

Rank/Duty Assigned: ABCS, V-4 Div

Woodyard, Paul D.


Service Dates: 1966 - 1969

Rank/Duty Assigned: ABE2, V-2 Div, Catapults

Woolam, Jerry A.


Service Dates: 1960-1964

Rank/Duty Assigned: Boiler Room

Word, Guy


Service Dates: March 1986 – March 1988

Rank/Duty Assigned: MMFN/A GANG

Worley, James

Service Dates: Oct 1961 - Jul 1962

Rank/Duty Assigned: AE4

Worley, Joel K.


Service Dates: 1960 - 1962

Rank/Duty Assigned: LTJG, Air Group-VAWII

Worthen, Chuck


Service Dates: 1966

Rank/Duty Assigned: MM3/M Div

Wotan, Donald

Service Dates: 1979

Rank/Duty Assigned: AMS E-4

Wrighs, William R. (Dick)

Service Dates: Jan 1962 - May 1962

Rank/Duty Assigned: SA

Wright, Charles H.

Service Dates: Apr. 1987 - Aug. 1990

Rank/Duty Assigned: E-4/ MS3/ Cook & Baker

Wright, Dennis


Service Dates: 1959 - 1960

Rank/Duty Assigned: Unknown

Wright, Don


Service Dates: 1957

Rank/Duty Assigned: Airman Plane captain VAW11 Det. Golf

Wright, Mark


Service Dates: 1968-1969

Rank/Duty Assigned: 3rd Class/C5 Night Cook

Wright, Mont R.


Service Dates: 1971-1975

Rank/Duty Assigned: ASM-2/V6 Ground Support Equipment

Wright, Richard Donald

Service Dates: 1973-1975

Rank/Duty Assigned: HT-2/ Fire Fighter/ Damage Control

Wright, Ryan Lee


Service Dates: 1990-1994

Rank/Duty Assigned: E1/E3

Wright, Susan


Service Dates: 1989-1990

Rank/Duty Assigned: E-5/OI Division