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Ever wonder what happened to your former crewmates? Post your LEX service information here and get in touch with old friends or make new friends. If your browser supports hyperlinks, just click on an email address to send an e-mail. Please make sure to let us know if your e-mail address changes and include your service dates on the ship!

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Bennett, Terry C. Sr.


Service Dates: Mar 1968 - Mar 1971

Rank/Duty Assigned: RM2, Communications Div

Benson, Dale


Service Dates: 1973-1983

Rank/Duty Assigned: LT/CIC/Pilot

Benson, Edwin


Service Dates: Feb 1962 - Aug 1965

Rank/Duty Assigned: MM2, AC&R Gang, A Div

Benton, Thomas M.


Service Dates: 1973-1974

Rank/Duty Assigned: E1 Aviation Jet Fuels Flight Deck

Benton, William A.


Service Dates: 1978-1979

Rank/Duty Assigned: HM2

Berens, James D.

Service Dates: Feb 1969 - Jul 1971

Rank/Duty Assigned: LTJG, Hangar Deck Officer, Air Dept Admin Officer

Bergara, Lee H.


Service Dates: Jun 1970 - Oct 1971

Rank/Duty Assigned: Airman, V-2 Div, Hook Runner

Bergeron, Paul


Service Dates: Jan 1973 - Mar 1976

Rank/Duty Assigned: IC2, E Div

Berkbigler, Rolanda A.


Service Dates: 1987 - 1990

Rank/Duty Assigned: AS3 to SK3, V-6 Div, GSE Shop

Bernard, Larry K.

Service Dates: Early 60's

Rank/Duty Assigned: Air Traffic Control

Berner, Donald


Service Dates: 1958-1961 on the Lex 1958-1960

Rank/Duty Assigned: Airman V-1 Div Plane Handler and Rep 8 Crash Crew

Berounsky, Ted


Service Dates: Oct. 1962 to Oct. 1964

Rank/Duty Assigned: Airman V-4

Berry, Joseph Scott Jr.


Service Dates: April 1945 - April 1946

Rank/Duty Assigned: MM3C

Bessette, Bob


Service Dates: 1977-1980

Rank/Duty Assigned: ABE2

Besson, Albert C. Jr.


Service Dates: Jan. 1961 – Feb.

Rank/Duty Assigned: Ensign

Best, Elbert Don


Service Dates: Apr 1985 - Aug 1990

Rank/Duty Assigned: BT3 Fireroom 1

Best, Issac Shelby


Service Dates: 1945

Rank/Duty Assigned: Lt, Flew Hellcat VF94

Bester, Vaughn-Ron


Service Dates: 1960-1964

Rank/Duty Assigned: AMH-3 Plane Caption

Betancourt, Rafael (Benny)


Service Dates: Aug 1966 - Dec 1967

Rank/Duty Assigned: ADJ`E3 Arresting Gear Engines Aircraft Handler/Refuleing Galley Service, Refer Mule

Betancourt, Rafael (Benny)


Service Dates: Aug 1966 - Dec 1967

Rank/Duty Assigned: ADJ`E3 Arresting Gear Engines Aircraft Handler/Refuleing Galley Service, Refer Mule

Bevington, Bill


Service Dates: 1971

Rank/Duty Assigned: Laundry, S-3 Div

Beyer, John H.


Service Dates: 1959

Rank/Duty Assigned: ADJAN

Bezemek, Michael


Service Dates: 1985-1962

Rank/Duty Assigned: #3 Fire Room BTFN BT2. Back on board as a volunteer.

Bezemek, Michal J.


Service Dates: 1958 - 1962

Rank/Duty Assigned: BTFN BT2 #3 Fire Room Boiler Man

Bialorucki, Robert J.


Service Dates: May 1989 - Sep 1991

Rank/Duty Assigned: BT2, #4 Fireroom, Oil/Water Test Lab, Decom Crew

Bianco, Jerry Dino


Service Dates: 1968 - 1969

Rank/Duty Assigned: Aviation Storekeeper

Bibeault (Mundorf), Lorie


Service Dates: 1989 - 1991

Rank/Duty Assigned: AN, V-3 Div, V-2 Div

Bice, Randy

Service Dates: 1973-1974

Rank/Duty Assigned: E-2 Boatswains Mate Helm watches while underway

Bickle, Armon H.

Service Dates: Feb 1961 - Aug 1964

Rank/Duty Assigned: E-3

Biegert, Wilton Harris

Service Dates: 1944 - 1946

Rank/Duty Assigned: S1C/Radio Man (Flight Deck Ops)